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Frozen Peeled Garlic

product name: Frozen Peleed Garlic
Product Description: Garlic, a pungent flavoured vegetable is incorporated in every cuisine in the world and is used to treat many ailments.


Garlic contains dietary fibre, vitamins and excellent source of mineral (calcium, potassium and manganese).


exports premium quality frozen peeled chopped garlic and it is produced through the following process under hygienic condition. The fresh garlics pods are mechanically sorted, graded, peeled, manually chopped, blanched, dewatered and frozen . The frozen products are put through a sieve, inspected, packed and fed through a metal detector.

 Freezing process: fast freezing

Color: Retains the original color of fresh garlic

Taste: Delivers the delicious, natural taste of freshly peeled garlic with an aromatic twist

Storage: conditions at -18 °C The shelf life is 18 months for the frozen and 24 months for the glass or tin can


This product does not contain allergens in accordance with EU Regulation 2011/1169 and its amendments This product does not contain any genetically modified substances Chemical Specifications

PH: 5.5-6 Pesticide residue complies with current

limit of EU

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